Michael C. Pierce, Actor - SAG/AFTRA

"...more than meets the eye."
About my character...
Mysterious and intriguing describe my character’s first appearance at the governor’s mansion during Nash’s date with Alicia. Why was I there and why was Nash distressed? Was he being followed? If so, by the Soviets or Americans?
Working on the film...
I worked on several scenes over two months of filming and was told by Ron Howard: "Portraying John Nash’s delusions in suspenseful and believable ways is a big challenge for us. Akiva's done his part by adapting Sylvia Nasar’s novel- now we've got to do our part and make it work on film." I am grateful to have collaborated with Brian Grazer, Ron Howard and their team on this unique Oscar Winning film.
Some questions were answered as the story unfolded. Some clarity and more intrigue came with my character’s second “visit” to Nash’s home and in his backyard decoding shed. The visits indicated that Nash was again struggling with his complicated and tortured reality. My look of reassurance as Nash walked into the shed bridged the time between his two encounters with my character and also affirmed his relapse into paranoid schizophrenia.

Best Picture
Best Director, Ron Howard
Best Supporting Actress, Jennifer Connelly
Writing Adapted Screenplay, Akiva Goldsman