Michael C. Pierce, Spokesman - Narrator
Proven skills in tradeshow narration, product presentation, interpersonal relations, employee supervision, customer service, sales/account development and experience with professionals at varied corporate levels. Managerial experience in multi-hospital system with responsibilities for public relations activities including demonstrated skills in public speaking, planning, organizing and implementing special events and media receptions.
Fulfill duties as independent contractor, representative, performer and/or part-time employee for numerous companies, including American Express, Cap Toys, Cedar Works, Chrysler, Cintas, Crayola, General Electric Medical, Johnson & Johnson, Kraft/Nabisco, Mattel, Neiman Marcus, Paramount, Proctor & Gamble, Saks Fifth Avenue, Siemens, Subaru, Pepsi-Co, Time-Warner, Universal and others...
Ear Prompter proficient. Work well with children & adults. Patience, listening, and taking direction. Good mechanical ability and computer knowledge. Coordinated in sports, esp. baseball, basketball, golf, football, tennis & skiing. Pratfalls; Flambé chef. Robot & Frozen Mannequin. Voiceovers.
HT: 6' - WT:170Lbs. - SUIT: 40L - SHIRT:16-34/35 - Shoe: 10 PANTS: 33W, 33I